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Public preview: Network observability add-on for AKS

Data di pubblicazione: 19 luglio, 2023

The new network observability add-on for AKS, now in public preview, provides complete observability into the network health and connectivity of your AKS cluster.

Key benefits:

  • Get access to cluster level network metrics like packet drops, connections stats and more. 
  • (GA) Access to pod-level metrics and network debuggability features
  • Support for all Azure CNIs - AzureCNI and AzureCNI (Powered by Cilium) 
  • Support for all AKS node types - Linux and Windows
  • Easy deployment using native Azure tools - AKS CLI, ARM templates, PowerShell, etc.
  • Seamless integration with the Azure managed Prometheus and Azure-managed Grafana offerings.

Read more in the network observability add-on documentation and in our blog.

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