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Now Available: Pricing changes to Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor to help you reduce costs

Published date: June 03, 2021

We have made changes to the pricing of Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor Log Analytics that will offer you additional cost savings. These changes take effect on June 2. 2021.

New capacity reservation naming 

Capacity reservations are now called commitment tiers.

New, higher commitment tiers 

We are introducing new commitment tiers for both Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor Log Analytics for higher data ingestion: 1 TB/Day, 2 TB/Day, and 5 TB/Day. 

Changes to how we bill for data ingestion over your commitment tiers 

Data ingested beyond your selected commitment tier will now be billed using the effective commitment tier rate, instead of the pay-as-you-go rate, resulting in a lower bill.  

For example, for Azure Sentinel in the East US region, if you are on a 500 GB/day commitment tier, you will now be billed for overage at $0.80/GB (i.e. the effective rate for that tier) instead of the $2/GB pay-as-you-go rate.  

Simplification of commitment tiers  

You can now select from eight distinct commitment tiers and no longer need to manage tiers due to minor changes in data ingestion.  

As part of this change, any workspaces with commitment tiers greater than 500 GB/day will be reset to the lowest available commitment tier – 500 GB/day, 1 TB/day, 2 TB/day, or 5 TB/day. This change should lower your costs due to the lowered cost of overage.  

Learn More 

To learn more, please visit the announcement blog, Azure Sentinel pricing page, or Azure Monitor Log Analytics pricing page.

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