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Monitor bandwidth usage for all peered Azure virtual networks with ExpressRoute

Published date: September 19, 2019

Network Performance Monitor and Network Watcher help monitor your networks in cloud and hybrid environments. 

ExpressRoute Monitor (a capability in Network Performance Monitor) monitors end-to-end connectivity spanning on-premises locations, ExpressRoute circuits and virtual networks in Azure.  ExpressRoute Monitor enables monitoring of network performance over ExpressRoute circuits that are configured to use private peering or Microsoft peering.

A recent update to ExpressRoute Monitor, enables monitoring of bandwidth utilization for all peered Azure virtual networks irrespective of whether the peered virtual networks are in the same subscription as the ExpressRoute circuit or in other subscriptions.

Figure 1: Monitoring of Primary and Secondary ExpressRoute connections with Network Performance Monitor

Region Availability:

Network Performance Monitor is now available in China East 2 Region.

Network Watcher is now available in UAE North, France Central, and France South. The complete list of regions where Network Watcher is available, is posted online.

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