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Flatcar Container Linux available in Azure Marketplace

Published date: March 23, 2020

Flatcar Container Linux by Kinvolk is now available in Azure Marketplace. Flatcar is an immutable Linux distribution for containers, and a compatible fork of CoreOS Container Linux.

CoreOS end-of-life

CoreOS Container Linux will reach its end-of-life on May 26, 2020, after which there will be no further updates. All CoreOS customers should implement a migration plan by this date. Flatcar's compatibility with CoreOS and availability in the Azure Marketplace makes it a viable and straightforward migration choice for container workloads running on Azure.

Note that Red Hat OpenShift customers can continue to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, which remains supported.

Migrating from CoreOS

Migrating from CoreOS to Flatcar Container Linux is as simple as running a shell script and rebooting your virtual machine (VM). Read the instructions.

Deploying new Flatcar Container Linux VMs

Deploy Flatcar VMs directly from Azure Marketplace. To deploy Flatcar Container Linux images using the Azure CLI, follow these instructions.

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