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Azure Governance Update - Management Groups

Data di pubblicazione: 02 maggio, 2024


Beginning May 3, 2024, Azure will start enabling the root management group for tenants that have not enabled it yet. Using Azure management groups leverages best practices when applying Azure Policy and having it pre-enabled reduces the initial set up work to follow the best practices. 


What this means for you  

No action required.  If your tenant has not enabled management groups, you will see a tenant level activity, and a root management group will be created. When a root management group is created, all subscriptions will become children of the root management group.  You will see tenant-level activity log notifications for the creation of the root management group and parenting of subscriptions to root management group.  



What is a root management group? 

A root management group represents the top level of the resource hierarchy. For more information about root management groups, see: more information about the Root Management Group


What does this mean for my subscriptions?  

No changes will be made to the subscriptions themselves. For more information about the process, see initial setup for enabling management groups


Are there any changes to access? 

No accesses are changed to subscription or resources with this announcement. No one is given default access to the root management group. For more information on managing the root management group, go to: managing the root management group for your directory.  


Why is this being done?  

Management groups provide a governance scope above subscriptions to efficiently manage policies and compliance for those subscriptions. Azure Policy helps resources to comply with organizational standards at-scale, and it is heavily relied upon by customers and other Azure services as a platform capability today.  


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