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Azure Elastic SAN updates: Security, and Usability

Published date: November 06, 2023

To empower you to get more done, we have added new features to Azure Elastic SAN (currently in preview), as well as a new integration with Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

We've enhanced Elastic SAN's performance by reducing latency and simplifying management with features like live volume resizing and force delete. Furthermore, as a VMware Certified datastore, Elastic SAN allows you to independently scale your storage and performance, optimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO) and scalability, while the native Azure Storage experience provides tighter integration with other native Azure products.

This update also provides another way to secure your storage with support for Server-Side Encryption with Customer Managed Keys (SSE with CMK), which provides highly available and scalable secure storage for your keys.

To learn more, read the documentation, blog, and watch the video

For more information about Azure Elastic SAN pricing, visit our pricing page.

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