Static Web Apps single page hosting option available in App Service now in preview

Published date: 19 May, 2020

Static Web Apps is ideal both for static site generators such as Hugo, Jekyll and Hexo, as well as developers using frameworks such as Angular, Vue and React looking for a simple interface to deploy the cloud resources needed for a single-page application. Deploy source code directly from GitHub or provision the Static Web Apps service in the Azure portal or CLI and then choose the GitHub repo that houses the source code for your application.  

Static Web Apps offers a seamless developer experience with a Visual Studio Code extension for local development, full repository analysis and native GitHub workflows for CI/CD. Developers can simply connect their source code repository and deploy a scalable web app on Azure’s web hosting platform taking advantage of:

  • Fully managed global distribution of static content.
  • Auto-scaling of serverless APIs that can dynamically scale based on demand.
  • Streamlined and unified app lifecycle management.
  • Custom domain configuration.
  • Integrated authentication and authorisation.

Deep integration with GitHub also allows for auto-provisioning of pre-production environments to validate changes before merging with a production branch.

For more information on Static Web Apps, visit our Quick-start guide to learn how to connect your repo and deploy an app in minutes.

More details are also available on documentation pages.

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