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The latest Azure IoT Edge release is now available

Published date: 22 November, 2019

The latest version of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements. See the full release notes on the GitHub release page.

  • Fixes for a few CVEs that are present in the base layer used by Edge Agent and Edge Hub. We don’t believe the CVEs directly affect IoT Edge; however, their presence in our base images could expose them on IoT Edge devices. The CVEs patches include: CVE-2018-8269, CVE-2019-1301 and CVE-2019-1302.
  • IoT Edge now matches the increased IoT Hub limits:
    • The device and module twin size increased from 8 kb to 32 kb.
    • The levels of nesting in a device and module twin increased from 5 levels to 10 levels.
    • The key size increased from 64 b to 1 k, and the value size increased from 512 b to 4 k.

Read instructions on how to update IoT Edge.

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