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Data Factory adds Flatten transformation, single-row lookups and updated UI for container activities

Published date: 04 March, 2020

Azure Data Factory adds new updates to Data Flow transformations

A new Flatten transformation has been introduced and will be lit up next week in Data Flows. This will allow you to take arrays inside hierarchical data structures, such as JSON, and denormalise the values into individual rows with repeating values, essentially flattening or unrolling the array.

A new update to the Lookup transformation allows you to now select single row point-based lookups instead of the current behaviour, which is always returning all matches via left outer. Now you can select first, last or any individual row matches.

ADF updates to the UI for container activities

To make it easier for you, as a pipeline designer, to visualise the activities inside container objects, we’ve updated the UI to display the activities inside the IF, UNTIL, FOREACH and SWITCH activities.

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