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Azure HPC Cache is now in preview

Published date: September 18, 2019

Azure HPC Cache solves the latency problem between compute and storage in heavy read workloads with a cost-efficient performant cache that supports on-premises NAS and Azure Blob. 

Use the Azure HPC Cache in HPC environments where applications require heavy read access of POSIX files. The preview of HPC Cache supports storage platforms using NFSv3 including NetApp, Dell EMC Isilon, and Azure Blob as storage targets. 

HPC Cache will help users more efficiently manage computationally intensive workloads productively, while using Azure compute resources to scale quickly. Developed for easy access from the Azure portal, HPC Cache will provide a quick file cache for Azure users. 

The preview is available in East US, East US 2, North Europe, West Europe, Southeast Asia, West US 2 regions. 

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