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Azure Data Box Disk is now generally available in South Africa and China

Published date: 12 August, 2020

Azure Data Box Disk is now generally available in South Africa and China. This is in addition to the regions where Data Box Disk is now generally available. See the region availability page for more information.

Data Box Disk is an SSD disk-based option for offline data transfer to Azure. It’s ideal for a recurring or one-off data migration of up to 40 TB to Azure and is especially well-suited for data migration from multiple remote or branch offices. As a part of the service offering, we send you encrypted SSD disks with a USB 3.1/SATA II/III interface for secure data transfer and provide forwarding/return delivery to our data centre. 

Data Box Disk supports various storage types including GPv1, GPv2 and Azure Blob storage, and destinations including block blobs, page blobs, Azure Files, Azure Data Lake 2 and Azure Managed Disks.

Learn more about Data Box Disk and get started migrating your on-premises data to Azure.

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