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Monthly updates for December 2020

4 Dec

Azure IRAP has assessed seven additional services and granted them the level of PROTECTED


Azure expands its depth of offerings to Australian customers with its latest independent IRAP assessment.

  • Compliance
3 Dec

IoT Hub private link now works with the built-in Event Hub compatible endpoint


Starting December 3, all new IoT Hub private links will support connectivity to the built-in Event Hub compatible endpoint. Create new private links to use this feature.

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Security
2 Dec

Azure Sphere OS version 20.12 is now available for evaluation


The 20.12 release includes enhancements and bug fixes in the Azure Sphere OS. It does not include an updated SDK.

  • Azure Sphere
  • Operating System
2 Dec

Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop in public preview


Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop is a new capability that provides a centralized monitoring view to help you identify and troubleshoot issues with Windows Virtual Desktop.

  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Monitor
  • Features
1 Dec

Azure Security Center—News and updates for November 2020


New enhancements and updates made to Azure Security Center in November 2020.

  • Security Center
  • Security
  • Features
1 Dec

Azure Batch vCPU quota checks are being updated


The vCPU quota checks that are performed during pool operations are being updated to check the dedicated VM series vCPU quotas, in addition to the Batch account total dedicated vCPUs quota that is currently checked.

  • Batch
  • Features
1 Dec

Azure Storage blob inventory public preview


The Azure Storage blob inventory, which provides an overview of your blob data within a storage account, is now available for public preview in France Central, Canada Central, and Canada East.

  • Storage Accounts
  • Premium Blob Storage
  • Blob storage
  • Hot/Cool Blob Storage Tiers
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Features


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