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Monetise remote cloud gaming intelligently with LiveOps services

Analyse, predict and visualise player data in real time, and engage new audiences with live-streaming.


Get started quickly with PlayFab


Host events, run experiments and reward your players. PlayFab helps you handle messaging, content updates, in-game events, in-game promotions and real-time segmentation.

Real-time analytics

Understand your players to build a better game, using a real-time data pipeline, dashboards, A/B testing, reporting and event feeds for debugging.

Engage your players with Mixer

Connect your players to a live audience and give your viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams on a cloud gaming platform. Mixer delivers content clearly and quickly with less than one second of latency, lets up to 4 players co-stream and simplifies the live-streaming process.

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Dive deeper into analytics with Azure

Event Hubs

Collect millions of events per second from games, websites, apps and devices using cloud-scale telemetry.

Stream Analytics

Improve gameplay by performing real-time analysis of gamer data.

Azure Machine Learning

Customise dynamic gameplay with predictive analytics based on gamer data.

Customer spotlight

Fluffy Fairy Games learns what players want and delivers quickly with the cloud
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Hitman, from Io-Interactive, slays expectations by analysing player behaviour in real time
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The Darwin Project is ready to live-stream its epic match-up with player interactions through Mixer
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