Monetise remote cloud gaming intelligently with Azure LiveOps services

Analyse, predict and visualise player data in real time, and engage new audiences with live-streaming.

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Event Hubs

Collect millions of events per second from games, websites, apps and devices using cloud-scale telemetry.

Stream Analytics

Improve gameplay by performing real-time analysis of gamer data.

Azure Machine Learning

Customise dynamic gameplay with predictive analytics based on gamer data.

Engage your players with Mixer

Connect your players to a live audience and give your viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams on a cloud gaming platform. Mixer delivers content clearly and quickly with less than one second of latency, lets up to 4 players co-stream and simplifies the live-streaming process.


Customer spotlight


Hitman, from Io-Interactive, slays expectations by analysing player behaviour in real time


The Darwin Project is ready to live-stream its epic match-up with player interactions through Mixer

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