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Intelligent performance optimisation with Azure SQL Database

A cloud developer’s guide to resource scaling, performance features and automatic tuning

Published: 16/02/2018

As you develop any app, database performance optimisation is a critical consideration. Azure SQL Database, the intelligent cloud database from Microsoft, is designed to simplify your work as a developer and adapt to your workload so that you’re not left scrambling in pivotal moments.

Read Intelligent performance optimisation with Azure SQL Database for actionable ways to maximise the performance and optimisation of your database at minimal cost. In this e-book, you’ll explore three perspectives on database performance:
  • Dynamic resource scaling
  • Database performance features
  • Intelligent performance monitoring and tuning
Get this free e-book today to ensure that your database has the resources it needs, makes the most of those resources and constantly optimises in the background for the best possible SQL performance.


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