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Accelerate your AI projects with best practices and in-depth guidance

Published: 07/12/2020

Organisations use AI to automate complex tasks and reach customers faster and more effectively. Learn how to build business-critical apps and solutions that can analyse images, comprehend speech, make predictions using data and imitate other intelligent human behaviours – using Azure AI. Start creating innovative AI applications with these free guides: 

  • AI in action: Five case studies. Explore examples of innovation with computer vision, intelligent chatbots, personalisation, cognitive search and forecasting. Code samples help you get started. 
  • A developer’s guide to building AI-driven knowledge mining solutions. Learn how to start using Azure Cognitive Search to reveal valuable insights hidden within your data. And, identify specific use cases that map to your next project. 
  • Mastering Azure Machine Learning. Get in-depth knowledge of how to design, build and operate scalable machine learning pipelines in Azure with this comprehensive e-book from Packt Publishing.


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