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Public preview: Azure Monitor application insights configurable Real User Monitoring for Java

Published date: July 05, 2023

Azure Monitor application insights is a cloud native application monitoring offering which enables you to observe failures, bottlenecks, and usage patterns to improve application performance and effectiveness.

The new “browserSdkLoader” configuration in the Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Java Distro makes it easier than ever to enable Real User Monitoring (RUM) in Application Insights. A “Loader Script” (formerly called snippet) is automatically included in the response. This Loader Script downloads our JavaScript (Web) SDK from a CDN and automatically collects additional client/web data.

Before, to enable full monitoring, Java customers needed to instrument twice: first with the Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Java Distro and second with the Application Insights JavaScript SDK. Now, you only need to instrument once with the Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Java Distro. Client/web data collection is included.

As a developer or product manager, this additional data enables powerful user monitoring experiences including trends, funnels, user flows, and more. You will be able to segment users by city or device or track a single user's journey through your web app.

Customers monitoring Java applications can take advantage of this new capability by upgrading to applicationinsights-agent-3.4.14.jar or later and setting the configuration ‘browserSdkLoader’ to ‘true’.

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Release Application Insights Java 3.4.14 (GA) · microsoft/ApplicationInsights-Java (


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