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New disk IO and Bandwidth metrics to identify bottlenecks

Published date: September 22, 2020

Azure Monitor allows you to gain insight on your resources that are deployed and running in Azure. Monitor lets you see metrics, which are near real-time performance indicators for resources in Azure to help customers gain insight on what is going on. We are releasing new metrics that will help customers identify bottlenecks in their disk IO in their deployments. These new metrics describe the utilization of the resource’s disk IO on a scale of 0 to 100%, where 0% utilization means that resource is not being used at all and 100% utilization means that the resources is being run at its max performance and is a bottleneck for performance.

Here are the new metrics that help diagnose disk IO capping:

  • Data Disk IOPS Consumed Percentage
  • Data Disk Bandwidth Consumed Percentage
  • OS Disk IOPS Consumed Percentage
  • OS Disk Bandwidth Consumed Percentage

Here are the new metrics that help diagnose VM IO capping:

  • VM Cached IOPS Consumed Percentage
  • VM Cached Bandwidth Consumed Percentage
  • VM Uncached IOPS Consumed Percentage
  • VM Uncached Bandwidth Consumed Percentage

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