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Generally available: API Management Authorizations

Published date: April 26, 2023

API Management Authorizations are now generally available, providing a simple and reliable way to unbundle and abstract authorizations from web APIs. This new capability enables developers to access a service-maintained authorization token store, allowing them to build their own service connectors. With Authorizations, developers can automatically acquire, use, and maintain authorization tokens without the need to write any code. This streamlines the process of authenticating and authorizing users across one or more SaaS services and reduces development costs associated with implementing and maintaining connections with these services. 

API Management Authorizations are available in all Azure API Management service tiers, except for the self-hosted gateway. However, they are not currently supported in sovereign clouds or in the australiacentral, australiacentral2, and jioindiacentral regions. 

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To help you get started with API Management Authorizations, we've included a few examples below: 

Use Static Web Apps API and API Management Authorizations to integrate third party services 

Use Azure Function and API Management Authorizations to create your own service connector 

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