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General availability: Native support for WebSocket APIs

Published date: November 02, 2021

WebSocket APIs are used to build real-time applications such as stock market reports, live sports scores, real-time social feeds. With native support for WebSocket APIs in Azure API Management, you can manage, protect, observe, and expose your WebSocket APIs, alongside REST and SOAP APIs.

With this capability, you can now:

  • Manage both WebSocket and REST APIs with API Management.

  • Quickly add a WebSocket API in API Management via a simple gesture in the Azure portal, or via the management API and Azure Resource Manager.

  • Secure WebSocket APIs by applying existing access control policies (e.g., JWT validation).

  • Test WebSocket APIs using the API test consoles in both Azure portal and developer portal.

  • Get metrics and logs for monitoring and troubleshooting WebSocket APIs.

This is available in all API Management pricing tiers (except Consumption).

For more details, see the documentation.

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