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Community support for Standard_M192is_v2 is ending on 31 March 2027

Published date: March 22, 2024

Standard_M192is_v2 will be retired on 31 March 2027, please transition to the Msv3 Medium Memory Series by that date. 

Isolated size VMs live and operate on a specific hardware generation for which they were designed. The hardware upon which the Standard_M192is_v2 Virtual Machine (VM) runs has been replaced by a new generation. As a result, we can no longer offer this product. We encourage you to transition to the Msv3 Medium Memory Series prior to the retirement date to experience the new capabilities including improved performance and reliability. The Msv3 and Mdsv3 Medium Memory (MM) series, powered by 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, are the next generation of memory optimized VM sizes delivering faster performance, lower total cost of ownership and improved resilience to failures compared to previous generation Mv2 VMs. 
From now to 31 March 2027, you can continue to use Standard_M192is_v2 without disruption. On 31 March 2027—workloads running Standard_M192is_v2 will be deleted and associated application data will be lost. Resources to aid in your migration can be found below. 

Required action 

To avoid service disruptions, please follow our instructions to migrate to your selected replacement product by 31 March 2027. 

Help and support 

If you have questions, ask community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and need technical help, create a support request

  1. In the Help + support page, select Create a support request. Follow the New support request page instructions. Use the following values: 

  1. For Issue type, select Technical. 

  1. For Service, select My services. 

  1. For Service type, select Virtual Machine running Windows/Linux or Virtual machine running SAP. 

  1. For Resource, select your VM. 

  1. For Problem type, select Assistance with resizing my VM. 

  1. For Problem subtype, select the option that applies to you. 

  1. Follow instructions in the Solutions and Details tabs, as applicable, and then Review + create. 

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