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Azure HPC Cache – Express Snapshots is now available

Published date: April 20, 2020

A recent update to Azure HPC Cache is now available. The release features a few key features as well as numerous fixes and improvements.

  • Express Snapshots in HPC Cache to protect data and provide data availablility. While optional, snapshots will automatically be turned on in HPC Cache deployments.
  • Caches now support maximum transmission unit (MTU) setting, as well as others including: CMK, CMK rotation, MSI, root squash and other additional network settings.
  • New dynamic configuration capabilities for alerts, datadump, and cmdctl whitelist
  • Five-minute delay on cache state after successful provisioning.

Available of HPC Cache has been expanded to the South Central US region.

Learn more: Azure HPC Cache documentation

Start using: Azure HPC Cache

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