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Application Change Analysis for Azure Monitor is now in public preview

Published date: May 28, 2019

It is often a lengthy process to figure out what changes caused issues as multiple teams could be involved.

Integrated with App Service Diagnostics' Diagnose and solve problems, Azure Monitor's API provides a centralized view of changes for a web app. Leveraging Azure Resource Graph, we aim to accelerate the troubleshooting process by showing why things broke.

The tool detects the following changes:

  • Resource Manager changes (i.e. IP configuration rule was changed)
  • Web App configuration setting changes (i.e. connection string was changed)
  • Web App deployment file changes (i.e. a .dll file was changed, appsettings.json file was changed, and so on)

Here is an example how the tool can help quickly resolving issues:

Customer reported the web application is suddenly not working. As the developer I want to see what has changed. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Web App Diagnose and solve problems.
  2. Choose Application Changes or Application Crashes detector.

Follow instructions at Application Change Analysis (public preview) before proceeding to step 3.

  1. (Optional) Scan for the latest changes.

Note that the tool takes a snapshot every 4 hours. If you want to view the latest changes, use ‘Scan changes now’ button.

  1. View changes. Click on the latest changes on the graph. We see IP restriction rules were changed.


  1. To fix the problem, firstly find out why the IP range was blocked by looking at ‘Initiated By’ field and ask the right contact. Then take appropriate steps resolving the issue.
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