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Azure IaaS: proper sizing and cost

Præsenteret af: Robert Davis

Two of the most frequently asked questions about moving to Azure IaaS are “How do I size it?” and “What will it cost me?” These questions aren’t easy to answer. Many tools will tell you how to move an on-premises computer to an Azure virtual machine assuming that what you have now is exactly what you need in Azure.  In this session, you’ll learn that it is possible to accurately determine what size Azure virtual machines you need and how to calculate the most cost-effective way to move to Azure. You’re moving to better, faster hardware, so why would you need the exact same number of virtual machines with the exact same memory and CPUs? Servers can be consolidated and sized appropriately when the recommendations are based on analysis of the actual performance of the existing servers with a mind for consolidation using very precise calculations of the performance capabilities of the Azure environment.  In addition to performance, you can accurately determine your best options based on costs for Azure in terms of storage, storage transactions, networking, and Microsoft SQL Server licensing. Would you be better off moving 5 on-premises servers on a standard A7 virtual machine or would 3 servers on a standard A5 and the other 2 on a basic A3 be more cost effective? This can be calculated.