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Virtual Office Solutions

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Is Your Business at Risk?

Your business has financial plans, staffing plans, and marketing plans; what about business continuity plans? Without business continuity planning including disaster recovery, all your business plans are at risk. Natural disasters, equipment failures, power outages, and data security breaches are just some of the potential risks that could result in lost employee productivity and revenue.

Fortunately, Virtual Office Solutions together with Microsoft Azure Cloud services have the capabilities to mitigate these risks. With 7 years of experience, Virtual Office Solutions guides you through the IT business continuity planning and testing process, while providing documented plans to restore critical IT services quickly, and back up critical data and applications using Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

How We Can Help

We take care of your backup needs and recovery with the following measures:

• Developing a comprehensive plan to manage a broad range of scenarios
• Ensuring the integrity of your system’s data with a continual and automatic backup plan
• Securing your critical customer data to prevent liability
• Guaranteeing a rapid recovery in the event of a data catastrophe
• Protecting your company’s data, network, applications, and email from online threats
• Providing offsite data storage and virtual recovery solutions

In addition to business continuity planning and testing, Virtual Office Solutions implements best practices and products to ensure day-to-day security while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and IT assets.

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