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Intivix specializes in assisting our customers leverage cloud technology to meet business needs.

Our approach:

Azure offers many different services to help ensure your workloads are reliable, scalable and cost efficient. We partner with you to understand your business challenges and leverage the proper Azure services to overcome those challenges.

We specialize in the following Azure Services.

Virtual Machines/IaaS – With Azure Virtual Machines, our clients can selectively offload workloads to the cloud. For smaller clients this usually means removing the need for local servers. They love the idea of not having to buy another expensive server. Our larger clients prefer hybrid-cloud by hosting a portion of their servers in Azure. With VPNs between your offices and Azure, your workforce can work seamlessly without realizing they are accessing cloud services. Determining which workloads to move to the cloud can be tricky. We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand what will and won’t work well in Azure.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Azure offers the ability to replicate your workloads to the cloud. If your on-site workloads fail, we can quickly failover to the cloud for you. Azure also offers the ability to back up your critical data to the cloud, enabling you to adhere to industry data retention standards.

Web Apps – For clients looking to build scalable web applications, we can help. Azure’s robust Web App offering allows our customer’s developers to more easily build, test and implement scalable websites. Once we’ve configured the sites we can help monitor them to ensure your websites automatically scale up and down with your customer load.

Desktop as a Service – For clients looking to standardize the desktop experience and enable your workers to work from anywhere, we offer desktop as a service. This service allows our customers to scale up or down their workforce without needing to invest in expensive computers. It also drastically decreases hardware support costs.

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