G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd

G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd

G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd-profilen er ikke tilgængelig på Dansk. Oplysningerne er tilgængelige på English (UK).


G7CR is one of the Fastest Growing Microsoft Global CSP Partner. Our exponential growth is attributed to the immense value and unmatched technical knowledge we have on Azure Infrastructure and Automation, in addition to a business module with SLA backed Support, Architecture and Cloud Solutioning Services, Free.
G7CR has global presence supported by India operations in Bangalore with satellite office in Singapore

Our SME initiatives
Our goal is to make the cloud accessible and understandable at the grassroots level hence we have a big focus on SME’s
We enable SME’s to harness the power of the cloud and focus only on their business processes, outsourcing their IT needs to us. We believe in helping the SMEs technologically updated by guidance on technical processes on the cloud We actively take part in the client’s project, implement it and provide technical support at no extra cost to all our clients irrespective of their billing. Providing 24x7 problem resolution services in regional languages makes us an indispensable part of our clients’ journey to the cloud

Our Value Proposition
we are the only CSP in the world that manages, supports and optimizes azure at no extra cost. Because that, we have a customer retention of 100 %. We focus to keep our clientele survive in the marketplace by giving them a sustainable competitive edge
We take pride in adding value and reducing billing consumption for our customers by reducing by 30-40% by closing their excessive azure resources and optimizing the essential Resources

Our areas of expertise involve
Cloud migration
Cloud implementation
Virtualization solutions
Cloud QA
Spend and performance optimization services
Cloud remote infrastructure management

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