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Safeguard Your Business - Data Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

With the ever-growing increase in enterprise storage requirements, traditional storage options can mean high costs and time-consuming infrastructure management, often without the guarantee of a proper data backup and disaster recovery solution.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible Cloud platform that helps you grow with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change – and it works with any apps and data you already have.

It’s simple and reliable, and easy to maintain compliance. Backups can be automated, with enterprise-grade, encrypted data protection in globally-distributed, geo-redundant data centres with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and disaster recovery testing can be done without disrupting normal daily operations.

Manage data growth and lower storage costs up to 60%. Azure StorSimple backup helps you avoid the capital expense of infrastructure investment associated with storage hardware, enabling you to pay only for the amount you use. Cloud storage is used to offload inactive data from on-premises and for storing backup and archive data, and inline deduplication
and compression reduce storage growth rates and increase storage utilization.

You can scale as needed. Azure StorSimple provides a fast and easy way to meet changing storage requirements with the ability to quickly scale up or down as needed to grow with your company’s evolving data requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Storage provides major benefits:
▪ 40-60% lower total cost of ownership versus traditional enterprise storage
▪ Primary storage with automated data protection and highly efficient disaster recovery
▪ Pivot from infrastructure management to innovation

Betach can help your organization manage data growth, lower storage costs by up to 60%, simplify data protection and disaster recovery, and increase your business agility with our Azure Hybrid Storage Implementation package, which includes:
▪ Deep-dive analysis of environment: Review best practices roadmap plan
▪ Activation of storage appliance/StorSimple: Configure one volume, configure host, and mount volume onto host
▪ Testing: Deployment of test environment and migrate test data onto Azure
▪ Recommendations report: Provide estimate on Azure services costing/quote to complete work based on the analysis

Contact Betach Solutions today to learn how to manage your data growth and safeguard your business.

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