Azure HDInsight pricing

Azure HDInsight is a fully managed cloud service that makes it easy, fast and cost-effective to process massive amounts of data. Use the most popular open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, LLAP, Kafka, Storm, HBase, Microsoft ML Server and more. Azure HDInsight enables a broad range of scenarios such as ETL, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, IoT and more.

Service features

Preconfigured clusters optimised for different big data scenarios

99.9% SLA on the cluster

High Availability

Cost-effective for cloud scale

On-demand job execution via Azure Data Factory

Network security: Secure Gateway Azure VNET Support

Data security: Encryption + role-based access control on Storage

Advanced Monitoring with Azure Log Analytics

Integration: Azure Cosmos DB and other Azure data services

Active Directory and Apache Ranger integration with Enterprise Security Package




Interactive Query

HDInsight Machine Learning services*




Extend HDInsight to install any Open Source Engine**

*HDInsight Machine Learning services incurs additional surcharge

**No support or SLA provided by Microsoft for these open source apps. Support and SLA only provided for the above workloads.

Pricing features

Azure HDInsight Clusters

Billed on a per-minute basis, clusters run a group of nodes depending on the component. Nodes vary by group (e.g. Worker Node, Head Node, etc.), quantity and instance type (e.g. D1v2).

Refer to the FAQ below for details on workloads and the required nodes. Customers will be billed for each node for the duration of the cluster’s life. The node price below represents all workloads except Microsoft ML Server, which incurs an additional surcharge.

Enterprise Security Package

Enterprise Security Package is now available in GA. There is an add-on surcharge for Enterprise Security Package and this will be reduced by 50% to $-/core-hour starting 1 October 2018.

Pricing details

Component Pricing
Hadoop, Spark, Interactive Query, Kafka*, Storm, HBase Base price/node-hour
HDInsight Machine Learning services** Base price/node-hour + $-/core-hour
Enterprise Security Package Base price/node-hour + $-/core-hour
*Kafka requires managed disks. Choose between Standard Managed Disks or Premium Managed Disks. Managed disk prices apply.
**HDInsight Machine Learning services incurs additional surcharge

Base price/node-hour

Memory Optimised nodes for HDInsight

Instance vCPU RAM OS HDInsight Price Total Price++
E2 v3 2 16 GB $- $- $-
E4 v3 4 32 GB $- $- $-
E8 v3 8 64 GB $- $- $-
E16 v3 16 128 GB $- $- $-
E20 v3 20 160 GB $- $- $-
E32 v3 32 256 GB $- $- $-
E64i v3 64 432 GB $- $- $-
E64 v3 64 432 GB $- $- $-
++Customers will continue to see one line item on their bill for Total Price
Instance CPU RAM OS HDInsight Price Total Price++
D12 v2 4 28 GB $- $- $-
D13 v2 8 56 GB $- $- $-
D14 v2 16 112 GB $- $- $-
++Customers will continue to see one line item on their bill for Total Price

General Purpose nodes for HDInsight

AV2 HDInsight nodes run on Av2 Standard VM, which is the latest generation of A-series virtual machines with similar CPU performance and faster disk.

Instance CPU RAM OS HDInsight Price Total Price++
A1 v2 1 2 GB $- $- $-
A2 v2 2 4 GB $- $- $-
A2m v2 2 16 GB $- $- $-
A4 v2 4 8 GB $- $- $-
A4m v2 4 32 GB $- $- $-
A8 v2 8 16 GB $- $- $-
A8m v2 8 64 GB $- $- $-
++Customers will continue to see one line item on their bill for Total Price
Instance CPU RAM OS HDInsight Price Total Price++
A1 1 1.75 GB $- $- $-
A2 2 3.5 GB $- $- $-
A5 2 14 GB $- $- $-
A3 4 7 GB $- $- $-
A6 4 28 GB $- $- $-
A4 8 14 GB $- $- $-
A7 8 56 GB $- $- $-
++Customers will continue to see one line item on their bill for Total Price

Instance CPU RAM OS HDInsight Price Total Price++
D1 v2 1 3.5 GB $- $- $-
D2 v2 2 7 GB $- $- $-
D3 v2 4 14 GB $- $- $-
D4 v2 8 28 GB $- $- $-
D5 v2 16 56 GB $- $- $-
++Customers will continue to see one line item on their bill for Total Price

Dev/Test pricing available

Dev/test pricing for SQL Database is billed at the same rate as Azure Hybrid Benefit pricing, with savings of up to 55% on Licence Included prices.

Dev/test pricing is available for Visual Studio subscribers looking to run development and testing workloads, individually or as a team. Active Visual Studio subscribers can take advantage of a wide range of discounts when using Azure based on a dev/test offer. Learn more about dev/test offers and Visual Studio subscriptions.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan
  • Guaranteed 99.9% connectivity for multiple instances. Read the SLA


  • HDInsight deploys a different number of nodes for each cluster type. Within a given cluster type there are different roles for the various nodes, which allows a customer to size those nodes in a given role appropriate to the details of their workload. For example, a Hadoop cluster can have its worker nodes provisioned with a large amount of memory if the analytics being performed are memory intensive.

    Hadoop clusters for HDInsight are deployed with two roles:

    • Head node (2 nodes)
    • Data node (at least 1 node)

    HBase clusters for HDInsight are deployed with three roles:

    • Head servers (2 nodes)
    • Region servers (at least 1 node)
    • Master/Zookeeper nodes (3 nodes)

    Storm clusters for HDInsight are deployed with three roles:

    • Nimbus nodes (2 nodes)
    • Supervisor servers (at least 1 node)
    • Zookeeper nodes (3 nodes)

    Spark clusters for HDInsight are deployed with three roles:

    • Head node (2 nodes)
    • Worker node (at least 1 node)
    • Zookeeper nodes (3 nodes) (free for A1 zookeepers)

    The use of R-Server will incur one edge node in addition to the cluster deployment architecture.

  • We charge for the number of minutes your cluster is running, rounded to the nearest minute, not hour.

  • If you run a cluster for 100 hours in US East with two D13 v2 head nodes and three D12 v2 data nodes, the billing would be the following in the two scenarios:

    • On a Standard HDInsight cluster - 100 hours x (2 x $-/hour + 3 x $-/hour) = $-
    • On a Standard HDInsight cluster with Enterprise Security Package - 100 hours x (2 x $-/hour + 3 x $-/hour) + 100 hours x (2 x 8 + 3 x 4 + 3 x 2) x $-/core-hour = $-
  • In order to stop an HDInsight cluster, you must delete the cluster. By default, all data that an HDInsight cluster operates on resides in Azure Blob storage, so data will not be affected by this. If you want to preserve your Hive metadata (tables, schemas) you should provision a cluster with an external metadata store. You can find more details in this documentation.

  • The number of data nodes will vary depending on your needs. With the elasticity available in Azure cloud services, you can try a variety of cluster sizes to determine your own optimal mix of performance and cost, and only pay for what you use at any given time. Clusters can also be scaled on demand to grow and shrink to match the requirements of your workload.

  • Each subscription has a default limit on how many HDInsight data nodes can be created. If you need to create a larger HDInsight cluster or multiple HDInsight clusters that together exceed your current subscription maximum, you can request for your subscription’s billing limits to be increased. Please open a support ticket with Support Type = Billing. Depending on the maximum nodes per subscription that you request, you may be asked for additional information that will allow us to optimise your deployment(s).

  • To estimate the cost of clusters of various sizes, try the Azure Calculator.


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