Azure Lighthouse

Secure managed services and access control for partners and customers

Stay in control of your Azure environment

Gain full transparency into service provider actions and manage access without compromising security. Decide who can access your tenant, what they can access, and when. Talk to your service partners about implementing these security and access control protocols for free with Azure Lighthouse.

Partner with confidence

Manage your service providers across all clouds.

Take control

Assign precise permissions to each provider with role-based access control (RBAC).

Be informed

Access on-demand auditing and reporting across all service provider actions.

Stay secure

Enable just-enough and just-in-time access for providers.

Take control by allowing just-enough access

Limit access to your resources with role-based access control (RBAC), a granular access management system. Control permissions, including who has access, what actions they can take, and what areas they have access to. RBAC in Azure allows service providers to work autonomously while keeping your systems secure.

Reduce risk with just-in-time access

Provide time- and approval-based role activation to service providers with Privileged Identity Management (PIM), a service of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). For jobs that fall outside the parameters of RBAC roles built in to Azure, PIM further mitigates risk by assigning providers the exact level of access needed, per resource, for the exact amount of time needed to complete a task.

Stay informed with access reports

Ensure transparency across all service provider actions with on-demand auditing and activity logs. Take the uncertainty out of guest access with real-time insights about who accessed which resources when, and what actions they took.

Build and scale secure managed services

Deliver well-architected managed services with cross-tenant management and deployment automation in a single, unified portal for managed service providers.

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Miglioramento della gestione della sicurezza e degli accessi

  • Microsoft investe più di USD 1 miliardi all'anno in ricerca e sviluppo per cybersecurity.

  • I nostri dipendenti includono più di 3,500 esperti di sicurezza completamente dedicati alla sicurezza e alla privacy dei tuoi dati.

  • Azure ha ricevuto il numero più elevato di certificazioni di conformità rispetto a qualsiasi altro provider di servizi cloud. Visualizza l'elenco completo.

L'utilizzo di Azure Lighthouse è gratuito

Azure Lighthouse è disponibile senza costi aggiuntivi. Nota che è possibile che vengano applicati addebiti per l'uso dei servizi di Azure sottostanti, ad esempio Log Analytics di Monitoraggio di Azure e il Centro sicurezza, durante l'uso di Azure Lighthouse. Se un servizio sottostante viene offerto gratuitamente, non verranno applicati addebiti per l'uso di tale servizio.

Documentation and resources

Get started with learning resources

Learn more about role-based access control in Azure and Azure AD PIM.

Learn how enterprise customers are using Azure Lighthouse.

Explore popular partner resources

Read the Azure Lighthouse overview and explore the underlying technology, Azure delegated resource management.

Explore partner resources and join the Azure Lighthouse partner community.

Access GitHub templates demonstrating Azure Lighthouse usage with various Azure services, such as Azure Security Center and Azure Monitor.

Azure Lighthouse updates, blogs, and announcements

Domande frequenti su Azure Lighthouse

  • Azure Lighthouse is for both managed service providers (MSPs) and customers. MSPs can use Azure Lighthouse to help build and scale a secure managed services practice, while customers benefit from best practice security features. Enterprise customers also deploy Azure Lighthouse internally to help manage multiple internal tenants, often after a merger or acquisition.
  • By using Azure delegated resource management, MSPs no longer need to create administrator accounts in your company’s tenants. This allows MSPs to manage the life cycle of delegated administrators within their own Azure AD tenant. MSPs can also add user accounts to the user group in their Azure AD tenant while, as a customer, you make sure those groups have the required access to manage their resources. To revoke access, the user is removed from the specific group access that was delegated.
  • Azure Lighthouse capabilities apply consistently across all licensing and sales channels. You can continue to work with CSPs and use valuable new management tools. For example, the cross- and multi-customer managed service provider access framework enables granular access control and scope definition for CSPs—key to both customers and partners.
  • Azure is the only cloud provider that offers consistent, centralized management and monitoring capabilities for partners to manage on behalf of customers through a single control plane and at scale. We’re the only provider enabling partners to grow their business through multiple avenues for delivering management automation. And unlike other cloud providers, Azure allows ISVs and MSPs to incorporate Azure Lighthouse into joint services and solution packages.
  • Azure delegated resource management is the foundational management technology that powers Azure Lighthouse. This core technology enables customers to delegate and explicitly provision access for single or multiple service providers for defined resource scopes (including subscriptions and resource groups) for specific roles. It enables flexible customer onboarding via Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure Marketplace managed services offerings, simplified governance with Azure Policy and Azure Resource Graph, and cross-tenant management with access to services like Azure Security Center and Azure Service Health.

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