Spatial Anchors pricing

Create multi-user, spatially aware mixed reality experiences

Create spatially aware mixed reality experiences across iOS, Android and HoloLens devices. Use this cross-platform service to unlock mixed reality capabilities such as locating points of interests, wayfinding and enhance collaboration in facilities management, training, gaming and other scenarios.

Pricing details

Anchor Locate Requests (ALR) Price/ALR/month
0-10,000 Free
10,000+ $0.02


Azure Spatial Anchors is currently available in East US, East US 2, South Central US, West Europe, North Europe, UK South and Australia East. Additional regions will be available in the future.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% availability. Read the SLA.


  • An Anchor Locate Request or ALR, refers to a developer API call that is utilised to locate a spatial anchor.
  • No. 10K ALRs for free per month. Any additional ALRs over 10K are charged $0.02/ALR/month


    Month 1: A developer adds 5K ALRs on day 10 of the month, developer then adds 5K ALRs on day 15. Since the developer has placed 10K ALRs total and 10K ALRs are free each month, developer is not charged anything for ASA.

    Month 2: The developer places 9K ALRs on day 20. 10K ALRs free each month and therefore the developer is not charged anything for ASA.

    Month 3: The developer places 15K ALRs on day 1. Developer will be charged for 5K ALRs @$0.02/ALR/month.

    Month 4: No new ALRs. Developer is not charged for ALRs this month.

  • Billing event is in the service when the Query is processed for the IDs.
  • Accounts are billed by Anchors queried; each ID will be billed.
  • The same pricing is applied per anchor regardless of how it is requested:

    • 10 queries for Anchor A = 10 ALRs
    • 1 query for 10 individual anchors = 10 ALRs
    • 1 query by relationships that returns 10 anchors = 10 ALRs
    • One query by coarse reloc using a wifi fingerprint that returns 10 anchors = Fingerprint is used to get the anchor IDs and then try to match it visually. In this case ALRs can be more than Anchor Found. You can control the amount of anchors by setting the MaxAnchor queries property when you use the Fingerprint signals.
  • This is billed by anchors queried. We will find matching anchors and we will bill the amount of IDs we load. You can set the MaxCount of Ids to cap the cost in CoarseReloc.

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