Upcoming changes for Service Map data stored in Log Analytics

Published date: 14 October, 2019

Updates for Service Map are coming that will change where we store some of our data in Log Analytics. These updates should be completed sometime in November 2019.

Data that has been stored in the custom log tables ServiceMapComputer_CL and ServiceMapProcess_CL will move to dedicated data types in Log Analytics. These new tables will be named VMComputer and VMProcess. This change will allow us to better prioritise how quickly we can ingest the data and will standardise the table schema across all customers.

We’ll continue to send data to those tables for two months to provide time to move your workflows and integrations to the new tables. During this time frame, you won’t be charged for the data we store in the ServiceMapComputer_CL and ServiceMapProcess_CL.

We’ll post notifications in the portal and our documentation as the time for the updates approaches.

To help plan for these changes, refer to our Service Map documentation.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.


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