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Azure Advisor integration with Azure Monitor Log Analytics Workspace

Published date: January 22, 2024

Advisor is a personalized cloud consultant that helps you follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments.

It analyzes your resource configuration and usage telemetry and then recommends solutions that can help you improve the cost effectiveness, performance, Reliability, and security of your Azure resources.  

We in Azure Monitor believe that observability should be cost effective, and we want to help our customers control their cost, operational excellence, performance, reliability, and security of their  Azure  resources. This, in turn, helps grow their overall satisfaction with, and usage of Azure. 

We have introduced several cost optimization related recommendations and added Azure Advisor to the Log Analytics Workspace admin experience. more recommendations are on the way. 

  • Consider configuring the cost effective Basic logs plan on selected tables: 
    This recommendation identifies an ingestion of more than 1GB per month to tables that are eligible for the cost effective Basic log data plan.  
    The Basic log plan gives the customer the ability of search capabilities for debugging and troubleshooting at a much lower cost.

  • Currently the Advisor does not consider or examine any query executions done on those tables. 



  • Consider Changing Pricing Tier: 
    Each Log Analytics workspace in Azure Monitor can have a different pricing tier. This recommendation identifies Log Analytics Workspaces that should be in a different pricing tier and notifies the customer to which tier his Workspace should move.  

  • Recommendations will not be triggered for Defender and Sentinel workspaces. 

  • The recommendation ignores customer’s discounts in the potential/yearly savings calculations. 



  • Consider removing unused restored tables: 

     Customers that use the restore feature often forget to delete their tables after the process is done, results in high charges and frustration. 

     This recommendation detects restored data that is active in the customer’s workspace for more than a week. It recommends the customer to delete the table to avoid unnecessary charges. 




How do I see my recommendations? 


The Azure Advisor recommendations are available in the central Azure Advisor admin experience,

and are now also integrated with the Log Analytics Workspace resource in the Azure portal,

you can view these recommendations either by clicking the Azure Advisor in the table of content or by clicking the recommendations tab in the overview pane. 


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