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Azure IoT Edge 1.0.4 release

Published date: November 05, 2018

The 1.0.4 update of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements:

Azure Functions on IoT Edge is now generally available for C# functions. The Edge Hub binding for Azure Functions has been updated to conform to the Functions Runtime 2.0 pattern of installing bindings from NuGet. Existing code from Azure Functions edge modules should be rebuilt to use this released binding before a solution is put into production. The Azure IoT Edge extension for VS Code has been updated to easily enable this, and existing code can be reused as is.

The createOptions field, used to customize a module's container settings, now allows configurations longer than 512 bytes. Longer createOptions fields can easily be set from the Azure portal or the Azure IoT Edge extension for VS Code. For details on the bug and fix, see GitHub issue #396.

Multiple bugs have been resolved in Edge Hub (a full change list can be found in the release notes on GitHub). Most notably, we've fixed a bug that prevented an edge device from reliably recovering a lost internet connection when AMQP is the upstream protocol. For details on the bug and fix, see GitHub issue #422.

Edge Hub now supports connections from downstream devices by using AMQP over WebSockets.

The feature of edge devices connecting through a proxy server has been updated to include proxy servers that require username and password authentication. Product documentation has been updated to explain configuring this feature.

For instructions on how to update IoT Edge, see the documentation.

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