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General availability: Azure Data Box Disk

Published date: 09 January, 2019

Azure Data Box Disk, the SSD-disk based option for offline data transfer to Azure, is now generally available in the US, EU, Canada and Australia. The following features make it ideal for one-off or recurring data ingestion to Azure:

  • Easy to order and use: Each disk is an 8-TB SSD disk, easily orderable from the Azure portal in packs of five for a total capacity of 40 TB per order. The small form factor provides a balance of capacity and portability to collect and transport data in a variety of use cases.
  • Fast data transfer: The disk is an SSD disk and can copy data at USB 3.1 speeds. It also supports the SATA II and III interfaces. Simply mount the disks as drives and use Robocopy or any tool of choice, or even drag and drop files to the disks.
  • Security: The disks are encrypted through 128-bit AES encryption and can be locked with your custom passkeys. When the disks are back in the data centre, and data has been uploaded to Azure, they will be wiped clean in accordance with NIST 800 88-r1 standards.  

Learn more on the Azure blog.

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