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Azure Automation support for system-assigned managed identities is now in public preview

Published date: 14 April, 2021

Azure Automation now supports system-assigned managed identities for cloud and hybrid jobs in Azure public and Gov regions. Hybrid jobs could be running on an hybrid runbook worker running on an Azure or non-Azure VM.

A managed identity from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) allows your runbook to easily access other Azure AD-protected resources. The identity is managed by the Azure platform and users don’t have to manage service principals on their own.

 Some of the benefits of using managed identities:

  • You can use managed identities to authenticate to any Azure service that supports Azure AD authentication.
  • Managed identities eliminate the management overhead associated with managing a RunAs account in your runbook code. The end user can access resources via a managed identity of an Automation account from a runbook, without worrying about creating the service principal, RunAsCertificate, RunAsConnection etc.
  • You don’t have to renew the certificate used by the Automation Run As account.

 Learn more about Automation managed identities support.

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