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Computer Vision

Distill actionable information from images

5,000 transactions, 20 per minute.


Detect, identify, analyse, organise and tag faces in photos

30,000 transactions, 20 per minute.

Speech services


Text to Speech
Speech translation

Unified Speech Services for free trials on Azure.com. 5,000 transactions per month, 20 per minute. Trial keys will expire after a 30 day period, after which you can create a Cognitive Services account on Azure portal.

Speaker Recognition PREVIEW

Use speech to identify and verify individual speakers

20,000 transactions per month, 20 per minute.

Bing Spell Check API v7

Help users correct spelling errors, recognise the difference between names, brand names and slang, and understand homophones as they type.

1,000 transactions per month, up to 1 per second. Trial keys expire after a 7-day period.

Text Analytics

Easily evaluate sentiment and topics to understand what users want

5,000 transactions per month.