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Launch on a global infrastructure and scale with building blocks

Build multiplayer services for players around the world, scale your stored player data, and handle audience growth and play spikes with top-tier cloud gaming services, availability and fault tolerance.

Grow and support a global player network with Azure

Smart scaling

Virtual machines (VMs) with Windows and Linux OS images

Scale anywhere from one to thousands of VMs with built-in virtual networking and load balancing, while taking advantage of hybrid consistency with on-premises systems.

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Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Use this Azure Compute resource to deploy and manage VMs as a set. These sets help you build on a larger scale and target big compute, big data and containerised workloads – which are all more critical as cloud computing continues to evolve.

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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Deploy and manage containers with Kubernetes orchestration. Quicker deployment time. Efficient load balancing. Deploy across multiple environments. Use popular open-source tooling.

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Azure data services

Blob storage

Get cloud storage for game data, including all files types and unstructured data such as images, audio, video and more.

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Azure Cosmos DB

Use this low-latency game database to read, write and query game and player data faster and with schema flexibility.

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Table storage

Store game data flexibly, according to its needs and function. For instance, store game transactions or changes in game states in temporary data storage tables.

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Azure SQL Database

Scale your structured storage of relational data, like in-game transactions.

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Modern data warehouse

Collect and analyse game data on a massive level, processing from both relational and non-relational databases.

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Platform as a service (PaaS)

Service Fabric

Handle heavy game traffic without breaking a sweat using the high scalability and low latency of Azure Service Fabric. Plus, build games without having to create a separate store or cache.

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Other PaaS services

Azure supports the leading third-party PaaS framework providers and open-source tooling and services.

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Customer spotlight

Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft uses Azure to deliver immersive multiplayer games globally
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Halo 5 uses Azure Cosmos DB to elevate social gaming with Spartan companies
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Next Games, maker of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, scales globally with Azure Cosmos DB
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