Launch your cloud-based games on a global infrastructure with multiplayer services

Reach players around the world, scale your stored player data globally, and handle audience growth and play spikes with top-tier cloud gaming services, availability and fault tolerance.

Customer spotlight

Games 343

Halo 5 elevates uses Azure Cosmos DB to elevate social gaming with Spartan companies

Next Games

Next Games, maker of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, scales globally with Azure Cosmos DB

Extend your reach with data centres in every corner of the globe

Global delivery

Geographic coverage

Reap the rewards of an Azure network that continues to grow, with data centres covering 140 countries, including China and Germany.

Traffic Manager

By directing traffic through our closest data centre, you can improve performance for multi-player scenarios, transmitting media files (such as audio, video and images) and more.

Multi-Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Using a broader geographic footprint, provide active redundancy and failover support – and a reliable multi-content delivery network.

Smart scaling

Virtual machines (VMs) with Windows and Linux OS images

Scale anywhere from one to thousands of VMs with built-in virtual networking and load balancing, while taking advantage of hybrid consistency with on-premises systems.

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Use this Azure Compute resource to deploy and manage VMs as a set. These sets help you build on a larger scale and target big compute, big data and containerised workloads – which are all more critical as cloud computing continues to evolve.

Azure Container Service (AKS)

Deploy and manage containers with Kubernetes orchestration. Quicker deployment time. Efficient load balancing. Deploy across multiple environments. Use popular open-source tooling.

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