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Enhance security and isolation

Azure Virtual Network provides an isolated, secure environment to run your virtual machines and applications. You can use your private IP addresses and define subnets, access control policies and more. With Virtual Networks, you can treat Azure just as you would your own data centre.

Rely on our global reach

Traffic between Azure resources, whether in a single region or in multiple regions, stays in the Azure network. Intra-Azure traffic does not flow over the Internet. For example, within Azure, traffic for VM-to-VM, storage and SQL communication only traverses the Azure network, regardless of the source and destination Azure regions. Inter-region VNet-to-VNet traffic also flows entirely across the Azure network.

Build sophisticated network topologies

Within a virtual network, you can choose to run a variety of network virtual appliances – WAN optimisers, load balancers and application firewalls – and define traffic flows, allowing you to design the network with a greater degree of control.

Extend your data centre into the cloud

With Virtual Network, you can easily extend your on-premises IT environment into the cloud in much the same way that you can set up and connect to a remote branch office. You have multiple options to securely connect to a Virtual Network – you can choose an IPSec VPN or a private connection using the Azure ExpressRoute service.

Create hybrid applications

With Virtual Network, you can build hybrid cloud applications that securely connect to your on-premises data centre – so an Azure web application can access an on-premises SQL Server database or authenticate users against an on-premises Active Directory service.

IaaS and PaaS, better together

With Virtual Network, you can build services that rely on Azure Cloud Services and Azure Virtual Machines. Use Azure web roles for your front-end and virtual machines for back-end databases. Combining Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) within a virtual network gives you more flexibility and scalability in building apps.

Use the networking solution that is right for you

Find and leverage popular networking appliances, load balancers, firewalls and traffic management solutions in the Azure Marketplace.

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