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Traffic Manager

Route incoming traffic for high performance and availability

  • Obtain high availability with multiple automatic failover options
  • Increase app responsiveness by leveraging performance routing
  • Seamlessly combine on-premises systems and cloud systems
  • Get actionable insights based on user traffic volumes and patterns

DNS-based load balancing

Azure Traffic Manager operates at the DNS layer to quickly and efficiently direct incoming DNS requests based on the routing method of your choice. An example would be sending requests to the closest endpoints, improving the responsiveness of your applications. Learn more.

Choose from flexible traffic routing options

Azure Traffic Manager offers six types of DNS-based traffic routing: Priority, performance, geographic, weighted round-robin, subnet, and multi-value. Choose the one that’s right for you or combine, using nested profiles.

Reduce application downtime

Traffic Manager can improve the availability of important applications by monitoring your Azure services, or external websites and services, automatically directing users to the next best location when there’s a failure.

Improving app performance and content delivery

Traffic Manager makes your applications more responsive and improves content delivery times by directing your customers to Azure endpoints or an external location with the lowest network latency.

Distribute user traffic over multiple locations

Traffic Manager can direct your customer traffic and distribute it across multiple locations, such as multiple cloud services or multiple Azure web apps. Traffic Manager can also help you with your geofencing needs, using the geographic routing method.

Use with your on-premises data centre

Traffic Manager is a popular option for on-premises scenarios, including burst-to-cloud, migrate-to-cloud and failover-to-cloud. Use it to upgrade or perform maintenance on your on-site data centre without inconveniencing customers.

Geographic fencing of your application users

Traffic Manager provides you with Geographic routing capabilities to ensure content localisation and adherence to data sovereignty regulations. Applying geo-fencing allows users connecting from specific geographic regions to be routed to specific endpoints.

Obtain actionable insight about your users

Use the Traffic View capability in Traffic Manager to see where your users are connecting from and the quality of their digital experience.

Why trust Traffic Manager?

Learn more about Traffic Manager pricing

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  • Pay only for what you use

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