Azure Security Center

Prevent, detect and respond to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources

Understand your cloud security state

Use Azure Security Center to get a central view of the security state of all of your Azure resources. At a glance, verify that the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly, and quickly identify any resources that require attention.

Take action against threats with Azure security

Take control of cloud security

Define policies for your Azure subscriptions according to your company’s cloud security needs, tailored to the type of applications or sensitivity of the data in each subscription. Use policy-driven recommendations to guide resource owners through the process of implementing required controls – take the guesswork out of cloud security.

Easily deploy integrated cloud security solutions

Quickly enable a range of security solutions from Microsoft and its partners, including industry-leading firewalls and anti-malware. Use streamlined provisioning to deploy security solutions – even networking changes are configured for you. Your security events from partner solutions are automatically collected for analysis and alerting.

Stay safe with cloud security solutions by Microsoft Azure
Monitor and respond to threats with Azure cloud security

Detect threats and respond fast

Stay ahead of current and emerging cloud threats with an integrated, analytics-driven approach. By combining Microsoft global threat intelligence and expertise, with insights into cloud security-related events across your Azure deployments, Security Center helps you detect actual threats early and reduce false positives. Cloud security alerts give you insights into the attack campaign, including related events and impacted resources, and suggest ways to remediate issues and recover quickly.

Secure your deployments with your preferred partner

Find and deploy popular applications from trusted partners that are available in the Azure Marketplace.

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