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Build great search experiences for your web and mobile apps

Many applications use search as the primary interaction pattern for their users. When it comes to search, user expectations are high. They expect great relevance, suggestions, near-instantaneous responses, multiple languages, faceting and more. Azure Search makes it easy to add powerful and sophisticated search capabilities to your website or application. The integrated Microsoft natural language stack, also used in Bing and Office, has been improved over 16 years of development. Quickly and easily tune search results and construct rich, fine-tuned ranking models to tie search results to business goals. Reliable throughput and storage provide fast search indexing and querying to support time-sensitive search scenarios.

Reduce complexity with a fully managed service

Azure Search removes the complexity of setting up and managing your own search index. The fully managed service helps you avoid the hassle of dealing with index corruption, service availability, scaling and service updates. Create multiple indexes with no incremental cost per index. Easily scale up or down as the traffic and data volume of your application changes.

Get up and running quickly

Azure Search boosts development speed thanks to support for familiar tools and a consistent global cloud platform. Quickly provision search and start populating the index to get up and running quickly. Like other Azure services, Azure Search uses familiar REST API calls and offers a .NET SDK. The worldwide network of Azure data centres means reduced search latency, no matter where your application is located.

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