Mobile Engagement

Increase app usage and user retention

Real-time actionable analytics

Combine big data collection with real-time processing to trigger engagement scenarios according to app-user behaviour and demographics. Azure Mobile Engagement answers nearly any question relevant to your business needs. For example, create custom dashboards to measure key performance indicators (KPIs). Rapidly find and fix usage bottlenecks in the user path. Track retention and stickiness, and use this to determine which campaigns are driving the highest ROI. Using the 360° user path view in Mobile Engagement, easily and continually enhance and optimise the user experience, driving higher retention rates and increased app usage.

Dynamic segmentation

Segment your users based on behavioural analytics data; technical information, such as platform, screen size and geolocation; or even previous campaign feedback, such as from users who viewed an earlier e-commerce offer. For example, target users on the Android platform who only opened the app once and never came back. Target users on the IOS platform whose app has crashed to acknowledge the issue and inform them about an upcoming fix. The possibilities are endless. App developers benefit by reaching users in a highly effective and non-intrusive manner.

Value-added push and communications

Mobile Engagement works flawlessly with native push-notification gateways, such as Google GCM, Apple APNS or Microsoft WNS. It lets you send targeted notifications, polls and in-app notifications with text and rich HTML payloads. Personalise the notifications with data captured from app usage, such as usernames and genders. Send multi-language notifications targeting the specific locales of the app users. Schedule notifications in advance and finally get feedback on their effectiveness by getting statistics about how many users viewed the notifications and took action.

Open APIs and ease of integration

With open APIs and ease of integration, use existing data from CRM, CMS and other business-related systems. This lets you further improve your audience targeting and protect your investments. Easily import or export data from the system to fit your needs.

Global data protection and privacy

Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to privacy, which is an integral part of our product and service lifecycle. We work to be transparent in our privacy practices, offering customers meaningful privacy choices, and we responsibly manage the data that we store. As with all Azure services, Mobile Engagement does not share or sell information derived from customers’ property. Mobile Engagement is a globally deployable solution, upholding regional and country-specific data privacy laws.

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