Machine Learning

Build powerful, cloud-based machine learning applications

Simple, scalable, cutting-edge

A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions.

Example of a cloud service architecture where Machine Learning enables you to build, deploy and share predictive analysis solutions

New to machine learning?

If you’re just getting started, read David Chappell’s Introduction for technical professionals.

Another great resource is Roger Barga’s book, Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Read an interview with the author.

New to the product?

If you have data science skills, but are getting started with Azure Machine Learning, take a look at our tutorials, or get started with sample experiments from the Gallery. More questions? Ask our engineers in our forum.

Current R or Python user?

Azure Machine Learning Studio includes hundreds of built-in packages and support for custom code.

Learn more about how to get started with Machine Learning with R and Python by reading our blog.

Data scientist or developer?

Azure Machine Learning is designed for applied machine learning. Use best-in-class algorithms and a simple drag-and-drop interface, and go from idea to deployment in a matter of clicks. Try it for free.

If you’re a developer who wants the data science to be built-in, take a look at our APIs and Azure Marketplace.

Deploy in minutes

Use Azure Machine Learning to deploy your model into production as a web service in minute – a web service that can be called from any device, from any location, and that can use any data source. Learn more about Web Services.

Publish, share, monetise

Share your solution with the world in the Gallery or on the Azure Marketplace.


The Gallery is a learning platform built by our engineers and users like you to share best practices with the data science community. Contribute today.


The Marketplace is an opportunity for you to sell your work or simply share it with the world. Learn how to publish and visit the Marketplace.

Customer stories

See how American Eagle uses Azure Machine Learning within Cortana Intelligence Suite to try to break the land speed record.

What our customers are saying


“The beauty of Azure Machine Learning is that it integrates with open-source technology in a decoupled fashion. Whatever your infrastructure, Azure Machine Learning delivers value.”

Fernando Fanton, Sr. VP of Product Development, Mendeley

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“What we’re talking about delivering is a degree of collaboration and visibility unheard of in the oil and gas industry.”

Doug Weber, Remote Application Monitoring, Rockwell Automation

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“This epitomises the value of the Internet of Things and machine learning to SLAC. The intelligent systems tell us of an issue before we use the system data to manually figure it out.”

James Williams, CIO Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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