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Machine Learning services

Bring AI to everyone with an end-to-end, scalable, trusted platform

New! Powered by “Project Brainwave”, Azure Machine Learning now offers a set of hyper-optimised DNNs as a service, with industry-leading price performance, bringing real-time AI to you. Get started today with Resnet-50. We’ll be adding more models soon! Enrol on our private preview.

Azure Machine Learning packages

New! Boost your data science productivity with Azure Machine Learning packages – Python pip-installable extensions for Azure Machine Learning that simplify creating end-to-end pipelines and enable data scientists to build and deploy machine learning and deep learning models with high AI quality and faster time-to-solution for various domains. Now available for Computer Vision, Text Analytics and Time-Series Forecasting.

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Experimentation service

Increase your rate of experimentation. Rapidly prototype on your desktop, then easily scale up on virtual machines or scale out using Spark clusters. Proactively manage model performance, identify the best model and promote it using data-driven insights. Collaborate and share solutions using popular Git repositories.


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Model management

Deploy and manage your models everywhere. Use Docker containers to deploy models into production faster in the cloud, on premises or at the edge. Promote your best performing models into production and retrain them when their performance degrades.

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New! Azure Machine Learning Services now integrates with ONNX models. Submit and review ONNX models from the Azure Machine Learning Workbench.

Downloadable desktop application and command-line interface for Windows and MacOS. Built-in data preparation learns your data preparation steps as you perform them. Project management, run history and notebook integration bolsters your productivity. Take advantage of the best open-source frameworks, including TensorFlow, Cognitive Toolkit, Spark ML and scikit-learn.

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Visual Studio Tools for AI

New! Work with your ONNX models from Visual Studio Code Tools for AI. Easily convert models from popular toolkits to the ONNX format through WinML tools and programmatically call services to integrate with Azure Machine Learning Services.

Build deep learning models and call services straight from your favourite IDE more easily with Azure Machine Learning services built in. Create a seamless developer experience across desktop, cloud or at the edge.

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AI Toolkit for Azure IoT Edge

Bring the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the edge. Package pre-built models such as predictive maintenance, image classification and speech processing and deploy to IoT gateways or devices with Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT Edge.

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Quickly create powerful, highly-scalable predictive and analytical models for large image and text datasets by using deep learning and data science tools for Apache Spark.

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