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Get crash reports

Nobody wants their app to crash. But when it happens, you want detailed crash reports and information quickly. HockeyApp will create debug symbols and group similar crashes to help you easily understand their frequency and prioritise your backlog. Plus, integrate the crash reports with your existing application life-cycle management (ALM) tooling to manage all your work items in one place.

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Track user metrics

Understand user behaviour to improve your app. Track usage through daily and monthly active users. Monitor crash impacted users. Measure customer engagement using session count.

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Collect in-app feedback

Your users’ opinions are critical. HockeyApp lets you collect feedback in the app itself, channelling it directly to your development team. And because the feedback is handled as discussions, you’re able to engage with users to gain a deeper understanding of what they really want from your app.

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Distribute your apps

Think of HockeyApp as your in-house app store for testing. Offer all your apps in one place for beta testers and users to install, and require users to update to a specific version if needed. Integrate HockeyApp into your continuous build process to make uploads and distribution automatic while ensuring that your latest version is available immediately.

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Full beta-test coverage

Make sure that your apps are being tested on the platforms you care about and get insights on your beta test coverage – which devices were used, which languages were tested and how long the testers used the app. Plus, create a dedicated page to recruit new users if you need to increase your test coverage.

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Enable mobile DevOps

HockeyApp scales and integrates with your environment to achieve the best mobile DevOps experience. It exposes web hooks and an open API to use your tool chain to its maximum potential and adds work items to your ALM tools. And, if using continuous integration, HockeyApp automates your build and distribution of mobile apps using the HockeyApp extension for Visual Studio Team Services.

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