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Azure Database Migration Service

A simple tool to accelerate your data migration to Azure

Ease your database migration to Azure

Azure Database Migration Service is a tool that helps you to simplify, guide and automate your database migration to Azure. Easily migrate your data, schema and objects from multiple sources to the cloud at scale.

Database-sensitive migration moves data, schema and objects to Azure

Easy-to-understand process helps you to get the job done right the first time

Supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Oracle migration to Azure from on-premises and other clouds

Highly resilient and self-healing migration service provides reliable outcomes with near-zero downtime

Execute a complete migration with near-zero downtime

Migrate your database and server objects – including user accounts, agent jobs and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages – all at once with almost no downtime.

Get step-by-step guidance

Move widely used databases

Migrate your data to Azure from the most common database management systems. Whether you’re moving from an on-premises database or another cloud, Database Migration Service supports key migration scenarios such as SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle.

Automate your database migrations

Save time and effort by automating your move to Azure with PowerShell. Database Migration Service works with PowerShell commandlets to automatically migrate a list of databases.

Simplify your migration with a two-step process

Better prepare your database workloads to move to Azure using the suite of Azure migration tools. First, use Azure Migrate to discover your on-premises data estate, assess migration readiness, and choose the best destination for your databases. Then, use Database Migration Service to move your on-premises databases to Azure.

Watch a demo of the end-to-end process

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

  • Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.
  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts who are dedicated to data security and privacy.
  • Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud service provider. View the comprehensive list.

Database Migration Service pricing

Database Migration Service offers two pricing options. The Standard tier is free, and the Premium tier is free for six months from the service creation date.

Get started on your migration easily

Get instant access and a $200 credit by signing up for an Azure free account.

Learn how to use the Database Migration Service and build an optimal cloud ecosystem with documentation and tutorials.

Assess your database and begin your migration.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

"The migration process would have taken us well over six months and days or weeks of downtime using any other method… Database Migration Service made our journey to the cloud practically seamless."

Greg Matuskovic: Director – Global Solutions Architecture | Willis Towers Watson
Willis Towers Watson

J.B. Hunt drives toward digital disruption

To cope with changes in the transportation industry and expand its capabilities, shipping and logistics provider J.B. Hunt launched a cloud-based digital service by migrating services to Azure Virtual Machines and the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service.

J.B. Hunt

"It took us under 16 hours to migrate the US database, almost 2 terabytes. Our preliminary tests showed it was going to take more like 24 hours, but working with the migration service team, we cut that by a third."

Jeff Schwartz: Hosted Services Manager | Innovative Systems
Innovative Systems

"With Azure Database Migration Service, we only needed one person to migrate 10,000 databases. Any other way, we might have needed a team of 10 people to get it done."

Christopher Keighley: Infrastructure Manager | Capita Reading Cloud
Capita Reading Cloud

Frequently asked questions about Database Migration Service

  • For a complete listing of source/target pairs, or migration scenarios, see the status of supported migration scenarios.
  • Database Migration Service migrates databases to Azure at scale. Azure Migrate discovers and assesses databases for readiness to move to Azure and recommends target SKUs. Azure Data Studio is a unified administration experience for data operations across SQL Server and Azure databases. You can now migrate your SQL Server databases to the cloud by installing the SQL Server Migration extension (preview) plug-in in Azure Data Studio.
  • Consult the migration support tables to see which target database service maps to which online or offline database source.
  • Use Azure Migrate to discover and assess SQL Server databases for migration readiness. Azure Migrate identifies requirements before migration, recommends target migration SKUs in Azure, and generates an estimate of the cost to run the workload in Azure.
  • Browse available services and tools for your data migration scenario.
  • Database migrations follow the typical steps in your cloud migration. Get an overview of cloud migration considerations and start planning your migration journey.
  • Yes, you are able to migrate server workloads, mainframes and web apps to Azure. Learn more about Linux and Windows Server migrations. Find out about migrating your mainframe and web apps.

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