Data Catalog

Get more value from your enterprise data assets

Get more value from your data

In the new world of data, consumers of enterprise data spend more time looking for data than they do analysing it. Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalogue that makes data asset discovery trivial. It’s a fully managed service that lets any user – from analysts and data scientists to data developers – register, enrich, discover, understand and consume data sources.

Your data, your way

Work with data in the tool of your choice. Data Catalog lets you find the data you need and use it in the tools you choose. Your data stays where you want it, and Data Catalog helps you discover it and work with it wherever you want, making for an effortless and intuitive user experience.

Tribal knowledge, unlocked

Lower the barrier for broad adoption and continuous value creation for users across the entire data ecosystem. Data Catalog helps get tips, tricks and unwritten rules out of the heads of the few who know them and into an experience where everyone can get value. With Data Catalog, everyone can contribute. When users discover a data source, they can easily understand its usage and intent and can provide their own informed insights into the catalogue, enabling a virtuous cycle of use.

Hidden value, unleashed

Democratise data asset discovery. Data Catalog shines a light on the dark data within your organisation so that everyone can spend less time looking for data and more time using it.

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