Azure Container Registry

Manage a Docker private registry as a first-class Azure resource

Manage images for all types of containers

Azure Container Registry allows you to store images for all types of container deployments, including DC/OS, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Azure services such as App Service, Batch, Service Fabric and others. Deployment and operations teams can manage the configuration of apps isolated from the configuration of the hosting environment.

Store images with Azure Container Registry
Reduce latency with a Docker registry

Keep container images close

Reduce network latency and eliminate ingress/egress charges by keeping your Docker registry in the same data centre as your deployments. Azure Container Registry provides local network-close storage of your container images within your subscriptions, giving you full control over access and image names.

Use familiar, open-source Docker CLI tools

No need to learn new APIs or commands. Because Azure Container Registry is compatible with the open-source Docker Registry v2, you can use the same open-source Docker CLI tools you already know and the skills you already have to efficiently interact with the registry.

Use Docker CLI tools with Azure Container Registry

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