An AI service that delivers a personalised user experience

Increase engagement using personalised interactions

Create rich, personalised experiences for every user of your app. Prioritise relevant content and user experiences, improving app satisfaction, usability and engagement, with Azure Cognitive Services Personaliser Preview. Only Azure delivers this powerful reinforcement learning-based capability through an easy-to-use API. Reinforcement learning is the set of techniques that allow artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise for a goal based on your configuration.

Personalised experiences in your apps

No machine-learning expertise required

Available on-premises or in Azure

User-friendly interface to easily manage the reinforcement learning loop

Deliver rich, personalised experiences for every user

Give every user a relevant experience that improves over time. The Personaliser reinforcement-learning cycle learns in real time from your end users’ interactions and helps you improve the user experience to achieve your business goals. Unlike recommendation engines that offer a few recommendations from a large catalogue, Personaliser returns its single best recommendation for a user.

Get to market quickly

Get up and running by adding two lines of code. Easily inspect the accuracy of predictions and optimise as needed. Personaliser works with attributes you have about users, content and products, without data manipulation.

Deploy anywhere, from the cloud to the edge

Personaliser is available where you need it most: in the cloud or as a microservice running locally, where low latency is critical. No matter where your application lives, Personaliser delivers high-throughput training in Azure based on real-time reinforcement signals as they’re processed by your application.

Understand how the Personaliser algorithms work

Personaliser supports model explainability, reproducibility of results and ongoing evaluation of its effectiveness for added transparency.

Security for the enterprise

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  • Microsoft invests over USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.
  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts focused on securing your data and privacy.
  • Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list.

Personaliser is offered at a preview rate

Personaliser is in preview and offered at a reduced rate. Notice will be provided prior to the end of preview. GA price will be announced in the future when the service becomes generally available.

See Personaliser pricing

Developer resources

Documentation and quickstarts

Get up and running with Personaliser.

Start coding

Concepts and best practices

Understand the impact of Personaliser and how to use it responsibly to deliver the optimal experience for your users.

Learn more

Get started with Personaliser in three steps

Set up your Azure subscription with a free trial.
Sign in to the Azure portal and add Personaliser.
Explore the Personaliser documentation.

Frequently asked questions about Personaliser

  • Personaliser is available in preview in West US 2 and West Europe.
  • There is no service-level agreement (SLA) for previews.
  • Personaliser learns from the collective behaviour of users, through the features or attributes about them that you send to the service. It uses this information to train a shared model that’s updated with information from every interaction, improving personalisation outcomes for all users.
  • Personaliser works best when a rank call has 50 or fewer items. To personalise a choice from a larger list or catalogue, use a recommendation engine or sorting technique to reduce the number of items.
  • Personaliser uses different algorithms for learning and exploration. We’re continuously adding innovations to the system from our work in Microsoft Research and applied use of Personaliser in Microsoft businesses such as Xbox and Windows. See the documentation for a description of the approaches used in Personaliser, and visit the reinforcement learning page to learn what Microsoft Research is doing to advance it.

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