Content Delivery Network

Secure, reliable content delivery with broad global reach and rich feature set

Global delivery and acceleration of any content to any device

Ensuring a consistent user experience is important. If your websites or mobile apps involve streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates (Smart TVs, consumer electronic appliances) or IoT endpoints (cars, sensors), then the Azure Content Delivery Network helps you reduce load times, save bandwidth and increase responsiveness.

APIs for building global applications quickly

APIs and developer tools give you the performance, reliability and security you need to build global applications. Programmatic access gives customers flexibility to optimise features to provide the highest levels of availability and performance.

Multiple providers for your content delivery needs

Content Delivery Network gives you choices from Akamai and Verizon. Customers can select the right content delivery network based on their needs and the regions which they operate in, as well as load-balancing across content delivery networks.

Accelerated content and app performance

Speed matters. The Content Delivery Network sends audio, video, applications, images and other files faster and more reliably to customers by moving content closer to your users, which gives your users an improved experience.

Robust security

The Content Delivery Network helps you stay up and running by identifying, absorbing and blocking security threats to absorb distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The Content Delivery Network also includes the highest certification by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB).

Backed by massive storage and compute capacity

Thanks to its distributed global scale, the Content Delivery Network handles sudden traffic spikes and heavy loads, such as the start of a major product launch or global sporting event, without new infrastructure costs or capacity concerns.

Control as simple or complex as you need

A rule-based content delivery engine offers granular control on how and when your content is served. Easily create rules to improve content security, reduce load on your origin servers or provide responses for mobile devices with differing capabilities.

Advanced real-time analytics

Dive deeper into how your users engage with your content. Get insight into how your assets are being cached and delivered and monitor your traffic in real time with granular analytics.

Standard and premium features available

Standard features for Content Delivery Network customers include functionality you’re already familiar with, including integration with a number of origin types, query strings caching and custom domain name support. It also integrates easily with other Azure services. Premium features include all of the functionality of the Standard features, plus a rule-based content delivery engine, advanced HTTP reports and real-time statistics.

If you need more capabilities than the Standard and Premium services, Microsoft offers custom Content Delivery Network services for advanced capabilities, such as acceleration and security. Contact your Microsoft representative and ask about our custom services.

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